Good design, color, form and a sense of humor influence everything I do.  For me, it is not enough that something is useful -it needs to be beautifully useful.  In the eternal debate of which is more important- form or function- I say “why can’t they both just get along?”  I live my life this way and I design this way.  I see and recognize what is unique and beautiful and from the individual pieces I put together a whole that is so much more than the sum of its parts.  

A self-taught jeweler, I started my first line in the mid 1980’s.  I have adored vintage jewelry since I was a wee pup and have always incorporated vintage beads into my designs.

Upon discovering a large stash of unused vintage beads in 2004 uttal vintage modern jewelry was born.  For me, the search for my materials is integral to the design of my pieces. I spend hours scouring flea markets, tag sales, and dusty warehouses to find the perfect components to incorporate into jewelry for you that is brilliant, simple, and uniquely vintage modern.

It is vitally important for me to walk as gently on our earth as I can and I have been creating jewelry sustainably and in small batches long before there was a sustainable fashion movement.  It thrills me that the fashion world is now embracing the ideas of sustainable, eco-friendly fashion produced by hand in an ethical manner. I really do believe that we can change the world with almost every decision we make and we don’t have to sacrifice style to do it!  Currently 90% of everything I make is from sustainable materials.  I strive to have it be 100%, including my packaging and shipping materials.

Each limited edition or one of a kind piece I make is lovingly crafted by my own hands for you in my studio in Louisville KY.  I strive to create in the same manner as designers in the heyday of fine fashion jewelry.  I use sterling silver and 14k gold fill along with stunning vintage components whose quality match and sometimes even surpass the jewels they were meant to mimic. All this and they’re lightweight and super durable too!

If you revel in your uniqueness, rebel against a cookie cutter mentality, and prefer setting trends over following them, then uttal vintage modern jewelry is for you!  Sign up below to be the first to hear about new designs or special offers and Be Vintage Modern!

 - Cebette