Something tells me you are a lot like me.

You have a rebel soul.


You’re not afraid to question authority or march to the beat of your own beat-making thing.

 You refuse to stop growing.

You like to be the chocolate scone in a white bread world.

Your friends always call you their cool friend. Whatever that means.

You wanna live every fucking day to the fullest because, ya know, it’s all we’ve got.

And you probably like to say fuck. A lot.


So enough about you. (Really? Do you always have to make it about you?)

Let’s talk about me for a sec.


My name is Cebette and I’m glad you found me.  I have my own dot com. It’s called That’s not a coincidence.


I have a hard time keeping my opinions to myself. I wear my heart on my sleeve which can get messy. I create while others sleep. My favorite colors are black and dark black.  I like my beers dark and my music loud. I jig while others jag. Jigging is fun. I like fun. But I like my fun responsible. Really, it can be done.


I have been making and selling jewelry for a helluvalotta years. Like since 3rd grade. My style has changed many times (see refuse to stop growing) but there have been some constants. I like to use sustainable materials in my work- whether that is vintage beads, recycled sterling silver, or my packaging.


And I love to express myself through what I wear. I love layering on the bracelets and the necklaces that shout my values out loud. I don’t ever want to be afraid or be silenced. And I don’t want that for anyone else which is why I donate 5% of all of my sales to the ACLU or Planned Parenthood.


So express yourself.

Let your rebel soul light the world.

The world will thank you.

And so will I.