Jewelry care. Summer (of) love edition.

We all know the basics, right?

Don't sleep in your jewelry.

Don't shower in your jewelry.

Keep your jewelry away from cleaning products and small children.  (As a rule you should just avoid cleaning and small children whenever possible.)

But in the summer we need to add another very important jewelry care rule:


Yes, I had to shout that.  Trust me, you will thank me sometime.  Possibly soon.

As a jeweler I'm sure you assume that I follow all of these rules to the letter. Unless you know me- and then you assume I pretty much don't follow any of them. I sleep in my jewelry, I bathe in my jewelry, whatever minimal cleaning I do I do wearing my jewelry. And occasionally I swim in my jewelry.

However, I was recently reminded what a bad idea that last one is. And I may actually remember it for a little bit- stranger things have happened. So here's the downlow:

Jewelry + Sand = scratches in your jewelry

Jewelry + Oceans = a high probability a wave will wash your jewelry far, far away

Jewelry + Chlorine = disaster!!

Chlorine will do what chlorine is supposed to do- it will bleach the holy crap out of your jewelry. If you enter a pool wearing a black suede wrap you will exit the pool wearing a grey suede wrap. If you enter a pool wearing a gold or silver plated bracelet you will exit the pool wearing a bracelet with the dull base metal underneath as the new top layer. If you enter a pool wearing a sterling silver ring you will exit the pool wearing a tarnished sterling silver ring. It will polish back to it's normal shine but that involves work my friend!  And who wants to work in the summer?  That is precious time you could be spending asking the cabaña boy to bring you another mojito.

So carefully study the graphic below and heed this cautionary tale.  Your jewelry will thank you.