Welcome to Cebette™. I'm f*cking glad you're here!


So. New day. New brand.

No more Jekyll and Hyde. From now on it's strictly Jekyll around here.

I have a confession to make.  I've been leading a double life. Those of you who are long time fans have known me for the last 12 years as uttal vintage modern jewelry.  Really beautiful colorful jewelry made from vintage beads and components. Jewelry a respectable and responsible person could wear to work or brunch or to meet their boyfriends' parents.  Fun, funky, and kinda all over the place stylistically.

Here's the problem . I'm not all that respectable and I don't like to let on how responsible I am. The jewelry I was selling by day was not the jewelry I was wearing by night. I'm a rock n' roll girl who keeps hookers hours and wears black, black, and more black. 

For years I have been making edgy jewelry for myself in varying shades of black and silver -yes, there are shades! - and last year began expressing my inner thoughts in writing on some of the pieces as well.   And since it is cool as shit everywhere I went I would get the oohs and the ahhs and the where can I buy its and I would lamely reply that it wasn't on my website yet.

So about a year ago I started putting it on my website and goddamnit if people weren't eating it up! I left my old collections there as well and every. damn. time. I would look at my website I would feel ooky. Like something was a bit off, like Barbara Bush was trying to hang with Joan Jett. We all know that ain't gonna work. Something had to give. I decided I had to stay true to myself and make the jewelry that I wear and that it turns out you guys want to wear as well!

It's not like the old me has gone away entirely. I am still using mostly vintage beads. I am still committed to producing my jewelry in an ethical way and to using renewable or recycled materials wherever possible. I have just kicked Mr. Hyde to the curb. 

I am all Cebette™.

Welcome to Cebette.com. Jewelry for your rebel soul.


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