Yes Timmy, men can be feminists too.


Try an experiment. Science is fun!

Walk up to a random man and ask him if he is a feminist. If he says yes find out if he is single and get his number for me. But most likely he will say something along the lines of "I can't be a feminist. I'm a man!" or "Hell no, they're a bunch of man-haters!"

Well, before we jump right to hating them, let's see if we can't dig a little deeper. Chances are they don't have the foggiest notion of what a feminist is. So let's make this a teaching moment. (An experiment and a teaching moment together! Who knew it was going to be such a great day!) 

So ask him if he believes that women should have the same rights and responsibilities as women. If he says yes congratulate him and let him know that he is indeed a feminist! If he says no, then I'm not going to judge you if you move on to that man-hating thing.