Q1: Hey, these hand stamped pieces are cool! Can I get you to stamp my dogs name or the words to a Metallica song on one?

A1: Yes indeedy! I will stamp just about any damn thing on a piece of metal for you because I am just that nice. There are of course limitations based on space. Let me know what you want via the contact form and I'll let you know the price and if I can fit it on something for you. Oh, I do draw the line at any type of ethnic slurs or hate speech. Not happenin' here. Not on my watch buckaroo.

Q2: How about making small changes to something you have for sale here? A different type of earwire or length of chain par exemple? (That was me getting all fancy and speaking French.)

A2: Hold the pickles, hold the lettuce, special orders don't upset us! Sorry there, a pretty powerful hamburger jingle temporarily took over my brain. But yes! That's usually a pretty simple thing to do and I can often do it at no charge. Send me a message as to what you are needing.  If there will be any upcharge I'll let you know.

Q3: What about other custom stuff? Will you design something special just for me?

A3: Of course I will sugar! Because you ARE special♥. Send me a message through the contact form to let me know what you're thinking and let's see if it can happen.

A4: When will you finish your FAQ's?

A4: Oh lord, soon I hope. This whole website re-o was quite the undertaking! Baby steps.