Jules Verne statement necklace

Jules Verne Statement Necklace-1.jpg
Jules Verne Statement Necklace-1.jpg

Jules Verne statement necklace

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Yes, I agree.  The term statement necklace is overused.  Possibly even abused.

But this necklace really does do the term justice.  You can't possibly walk into a room wearing this without making a statement.  What the statement will be is entirely up to you.  

Are you saying...

"I'm beautiful and I radiate that out to the world with every breath I take."

or "I'm as calm and cool as the ocean on an early April morning."

or "I love and respect our earth and am it's responsible steward."

or "I'm one bad ass woman and you had better not mess with me because I've got a big blue stone and I'm not afraid to use it."

Whatever your statement is you can make it with this bodacious necklace. Old stock sustainable abalone shells and vintage Austrian crystals frame a beautiful faceted faux Montana sapphire.

  • 14k gold fill lobster clasp.
  • 23" long with a 1 3/4" drop pendant. 
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