Introducing the Jules Verne Collection

The nights are getting cooler. You’ve retrieved your down comforter  from storage and are hunkering down for the long winter ahead.  You’re dreading another 3 dog night when you’ve only got two... But what if there was a way to keep that summer feeling through the dark days of winter? 

Introducing the warmth that is the Jules Verne Collection.   Beautiful abalone shells plucked from twenty thousand leagues under the sea and married with golden glowing vintage chains and sparkling crystals. You can feel the warm breezes blowing over you and smell the salty air when you are covered in these jewels from the sea.  Wear yours to brighten the long nights ahead. And have the cabana boy pour you another mojito...       Ahh, let's have another toast to Eternal Summer.

Jules Verne Collection

Jules Verne Collection